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Rotary Engine build Pricing

Get the performance, retain the reliability.

Plans and pricing

Every build is different, additional parts & labor extra | Rotary Engine Shop Colorado

Please note, these are general prices, If internals are in excellent shape and do not need attention, price is adjusted accordingly.

Basic REbuild


Some key features
  • Tear down engine, examine all components, rebuild with basic gasket set.
  • Parts included:

    Gasket set for internal engine

    New OEM seals, springs, side seals

  • Engine is thoroughly ultrasonically cleaned and reassembled, pressure tested.

Professional REbuild


Some key features
  • Scan OBD2 connector with Snap-On scan tool (Rx8's)

  • Full inspection of car on lift

    Removal of engine, store car inside

  • Tear down engine, develop action plan (discuss additional parts to return / improve compression & performance).

    Typical parts that need attention:

    Rotor Housings

    Side Housing

    Bearings / E-shaft

    Oil pump and galleys


  • All components are ultrasonically cleaned and measured for OEM specs

    Build engine to agreed upon specs. 

    New internal gasket set, apex seals, springs, side seals

    Pressure check engine

  • Install engine, start up and road test.

Enterprise REbuild

$8500 & up

Some key features

All listed on Professional and the following:

  • Everything to the left
  • Porting & Polishing
  • Measurements down to .0001 for reliable performance gains.

Choose what is best for your build

Rotary Engine Experts | REspeed Colorado

  • Diagnosis

    Full teardown / inspection services

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

    All components that are within spec are ultrasonically cleaned / including intake and all other external components. 

  • REporting

    Full reporting to customer, including measuring all seals, springs, spacers, E-shaft, rotors, side housings, bearings. 

    Our reports are key to a solid build, we will keep you informed on what components need replacing and why. 

  • Quality replacement parts

    We use only approved parts based on the expectations of the build

  • Porting / Polishing

    If the build demands, porting and polishing with established templates based on expectations. Polishing of ports, oil galleys, etc. 

  • Balancing

    Rotor / e-shaft / counterweight balancing.