Rotary Engine Builds

Rotary Engine builds are a bit different than piston engine builds. It takes knowledge, experience, and patience to achieve quality compression and reliability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost?

It all depends on your expectations. Pricing for rebuilds starts at $4500, connect with us and start a conversation. Please fill out one of our forms.

I want to bring you my engine for rebuilding.

We like these types of projects, removing the engine and bringing it to us allows us to get going on it right away (you get to store your car at home) and it saves you money. Connect with us by filling out one of our forms.

I want to start racing after you rebuild my engine

We have quite a few owners who like to take their performance street car to the track, start a conversation with us and we will share our knowledge / experience. Fill out one of our forms.